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What Do I Get For Joining?

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    Full Access to The Training Vault

    The Vault is the heartbeat of our members area. Inside you will find a host of trainings that are easy to implement, practical marketing strategies and concepts. All of the trainings are designed to be non techy or complicated so you can get on with deploying them into your golf business 

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    New Training Twice Monthly 

    Once you have become a member new trainings will be added on the 1st and 15th of each month. One a marketing mindset training so you understand the 'Why' we do it this way. The second a practical implementation guide teaching you how to actually deploy the first. Simply follow the steps and soon you will be getting new members, clients and sales on Auto Pilot

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    Explosive Golf TV

    Each week you will have access to an episode of Explosive Golf TV or EGTV as we call it. Each episode 3-8 minutes long showing you something you can learn from somebody else's marketing. These little videos are like holing 4 foot putts, if we could all do that more often  we'd do a lot better

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    Members Only Facebook Group

    Who you hang around with matters A Lot. ​Psychologist Jim Rohn said "You are the average of the five people you spend most time with". Inside our Facebook group you will find people who have actually implemented these strategies and ideas and have seen their golf sales sky rocket. A pretty good group of people for you to be involved with.

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    Member Success Stories

    If something works for one person you can be pretty sure it will work for others. We'll share with you what our members are doing that is working for them, learn from that, adapt it your way and boom, a ready made template to sales

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    Q&A's, Marketing Critiques, Members Only Competitions, Live Events, Member Awards and Loads More...

    We're adding new ideas and concepts to the members area every week, keep your eyes peeled for exciting new updates and features...


Samantha Head

Multiple Ladies European Tour Winner

It's been life changing

Since working with Danny I have totally restructured everything about my coaching business. I'm no longer having to take whatever I can get, I now actually pick who I want to coach and making more money than ever before

Benn Barham

Former European Tour Player

European Tour Coach

Pricing and packaging 

When it comes to the pricing and packages ideas danny has it can be hard to take the leap of faith. I'm so glad I did. I now feel like I'm getting what I deserve as a coach. The packaging options are just amazing

Shane Fegan

Owner Mayobridge 

Golf Club

14 new members in November

We won a competition Danny ran to win a months free marketing. The process was  easy to understand and brought in 14 new members in a month!! That was NOVEMBER in Northern Ireland

Ali Gardener-Mcguirk

Business Development Mngr

Prince's Golf Club

Social media Guru

Danny is amazing with his social media skills. He has helped us grow from the dark ages to real market leaders with our new found approach to online sales

Dolores Brown

Royal Cinque Ports GC

It just makes sense

Sometimes simple is best and if you listen to Danny's marketing advice that's exactly what you get. It's so obvious when it's put in front of you. Give it a try, it'll probably work 

Mr Com I T Member

Head of staying in the past

We must never change anything!!!!

Since 1963 we have been advertising the same way. We know it's not currently working but if we keep doing the same things it will work one day. We should never change anything despite our club losing money. We'll bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away

This membership is NOT for everyone!

I have to be honest from the start as this will save much time later

Before you decide to join please check which box you fit in most

You should join if...

  • You know there must be people out there wanting to join your club, have lessons with you, buy your equipment etc but you just can't work out how to find them

  • You're open to change. Einstein said, If you continue to do the same thing but expect different results, that's the definition of madness 

  • You are a doer, simply learning will not change your golf business. Only implementing what you learn can do that

  • You want your golf business to be in the top 1% of sales growth businesses this year

Do Not Join If...

  • You want everything to be exactly how it's been for 30 years

  • You're terrified of trying anything new

  • You're terrified of anyone (usually club members who have no other ideas or options) questioning you or what you are doing

  • You don't actually want new sales (it's scary how many club committee members etc will do every they can to put off getting new members)

  • You are the kind of person who even when shown proof there's a better way you would sill rather stick to the old way because 'that's how we do it here'


Once you become a member if for any reason you are not completely  ecstatic with the membership area you can have a 7 day, 100%, no questions, money back refund. You don't need to give reasons or speak to anyone, simply click the refund button and it's yours. 


For Founder Members

Join Our Membership Before The End Of May 2019 To Qualify As One Of Our




As Such You Will Receive A Lifetime 40% Discount On Your Membership 




First month

  •  £22 Per Month Subscription Usually £37 Per month

  • Lifetime 40% Discount

  • Savings of  £165 a year

Membership after May 2019


First month

  • £37 Per Month Subscription

  • No Discount

  • No Savings


Annual Subscription


Save £54 VS Founder Member

  • One Time AnnualPayment 

  • Best Value

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The answers to a few of the most common questions we get asked about The Explosive Golf Membership.

What If I Sign Up But Change My Mind?

What do the trainings look like?

What if there's something I don't understand?

How Long Am I tied in For?

Do I need to be a computer wizz to learn this stuff ?

Who Is This For?

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